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You are more than welcomed to The Art of John Pescoran! I specialized in creating works of Surreal Pop art. As well as creating an abundance of  paintings, drawings, video-art pieces, I also immerse myself in live paintings, creating sculptures, playing the piano for hours on end. . .

Once you're overwhelmed with what's on this website, make sure to visit my official website:

Original Artwork

If you're interested in purchasing original work of art: Paintings, Giant and Odd Size Drawings, Art Prints and other one-of-a-kind Pescoran creations, please click on the email link for any requests, commissions, questions, or inquiries you may have:

Bellow is just a sample of Art Prints I have available for sale at: And more Art Prints available here: Fine Art America

Please visit: to view and purchase Original Artwork or contact: for any inquires.


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